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Chief Executive Officer


The Challenge

Finding someone who is right for you and your project. There are so many choices today in terms of mobile designers, developers, and platforms to develop on. It can be daunting and confusing trying to figure it all out. How long will this take? How much will it cost? You don’t always know or understand what you need until you get started on a project in tech. What makes it harder is that not all developers and customers are a “fit”. How do you find the right professional in tech to help you get started?

The Solution

Do your research. Not all designers and developers are created equal (nor do they work the same). Find some one who can help you choose a platform and a design after learning about you, your project, and your goals. You don’t necessarily have to work with someone in your area. Consider developers that work remotely. I’ve worked with most of my clients that way. Contact me if you are interested in an economical solution for a mobile-ready website, web application, or app. Let’s talk and see if working together is a right fit.

My Experience & Expertise

Years Website Design & Development

Years Integrating 3rd Party APIs

Years Mobile App Development

Years Technical Support

Mobile Ready Product Solutions

Mobile First

You trying to go mobile? Get in Line. Everyone’s trying to get their business on the mobile map. I can help you with it. I build apps that can be deployed on iOS and Android.

Robust from the Inside Out

The truth is it’s hard to build multiple applications for multiple platforms. That’s why I build once and deploy to all. This is more efficient and saves you money. It’s the way to go.

User Experience

Grab a bigger piece of the pie by mastering the way users interact with your application. Engagement and word of mouth need to be on your mind from the beginning of your project, I’ll help you figure it all out and get setup.

Did You Know?

Current Needs in the Marketplace

  • Mobile App Development 80%
  • SEO 60%
  • API Integration 75%
  • Website Development 25%

What I've Found

Most customers that I interact with are looking to have their own mobile applications (apps) for cell phones and tablets. Another large portion of customers are looking to maximize traffic on their website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With more businesses relying on tech to keep them in front of their customers… keep in mind that your website and mobile app are often VERY alike and should, if possible, be linked to one another. I can help you with that.

Often, there’s someone with a great idea and no one ever hears about it. This is directly related to the fact that business owners often have a tough time getting their name out there. Consider my platform EQUATRADE to help your business grow. You can learn more about it at the site…

Visit my site EQUATRADE.COM

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me so that we can start the conversation about your next project. Click the link below to “contact me” via the webforms on this site. Let’s get the conversation started and see if we’re a fit.
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